Friday, October 31, 2014

New blog, new name, new game!

First post! Hey everyone! My name is Summer. I've been trying to start a blog since April 2013 obviously without much success since here I am exclaiming, "First post!" in October 2014... After tirelessly researching HOW to start a blog all signs pointed to web hosting,, plug-ins and a bunch of other stuff I'm still not completely sure I understand. I just want to write a blog. I don't want to re-invent the interwebs. So here I am on Blogger. I follow many blogs that appear to be successful that use Blogger. So if Blogger is good enough for MakeupByTiffanyD, it's good enough for me. (I've said "Blogger" way too many times)

If we want to go way back, my original go at blogging started on MySpace. Haha, does anyone even remember MySpace? Any-who, it had a little corner of your page reserved for blog posts. I actually think this is brilliant and wish other social media websites, ahem, Facebook, would implement this. So back in 2007, before I understood what blogging was, I would write about things that happened to me that day or thoughts I had that made me chuckle. I'm still pretty proud of those posts and copy and pasted them to start my (ugh, don't remind me) blog, SummerTimeBlog, There was a post about TropicalSno, MembersOnly jackets, turning the big 3-0, a client that called me "Summers" and drove me nuts and a few others - pretty funny stuff. It's interesting to go back and read your thoughts from seven+ years ago. Ahh, simpler times. So here we are: MySpace to to ForeverSummerTime on Blogger.

In between MySpace and, I discovered the world of blogging. I mostly follow beauty/lifestyle blogs, but also enjoy some foodie blogs as well. I realized that when I'm researching beauty products, make up, fashion or any major purchase, I use good ol' Google and what usually comes up is someone out there that has tried to product/made the recipe/bought the shoes and has taken the time to write about it or make a video and share what they know. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of this! I'm going to join in the fun and I hope you stick around! Next time I'll dive in to WHY you should stick around.

P.S. I'm wordy...I'll work on that.

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