Monday, November 3, 2014

Why ForeverSummerTime? And why you should stick around!

If you are reading this, thanks for coming back! Today is just more background and my WHY for starting this blog. As I mentioned previously, I've been following some blogs, mostly beauty related, for the last several years. To be honest, I found most of them on Pinterest after "pinning" something of theirs, I'd go back and review their other posts and I was hooked. Some of my favorites are MakeUpByTiffanyD (Shout out x2!) and The Small Things Blog. There are more, but I don't miss a thing these girls put out. They both have very different styles, but they are both at the top of my list! 

One thing both of these girls have in common...they are younger than me - I'm not sure by how much...but it is probably more than I wish to admit. While still very relatable and I still love their product recommendations and tips, they aren't experiencing the same skin and make up issues I'm dealing with over here in in late-thirties land. They can wear things, fashion-wise, that I should probably think twice about. Oh, on another note, they are both currently pregnant...CONGRATS to both!

So that's my WHY - I want to start a blog for those of us in our mid to late thirties when skin, hair, metabolism, and life is changing. I'm sure there are blogs out there for us, but I haven't come across any - or at least any that I like well enough to follow. I hope to fill that void. I don't have all the answers and I'm not a trained make up artist, hairstylist or fashion stylist, but I'm here to share what I find works to keep me ForverSummerTime. I'm okay with getting older, but I want to look as good as possible doing so!

Some questions you may have:

Who are you? Again, my name is Summer. I live in the Midwest in a small'ish town. By day, I work in the insurance industry. I have a couple of kids that I'm sure I'll introduce at some point. They are teenagers, so I'm not ready to embarrass them yet. I'm married to my best friend, Derek, and we have a little Maltese, Cali. We love to travel, spend summers on the lake, and root on MO sports teams!

What is the purpose of this blog? See above! Follow me as I try make up, skin & hair products, and fashion for us in, ahem, late-thirties land (as I said above, I like it, so I'll probably keep saying it). I'll probably throw in some travel, food, craft, and totally unrelated posts as well because it's who I am. I hope you'll stick around!

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